Head Shots

Whether for your website, or social media platforms, a relaxed portrait that gives a great first impression and possibly first glimpse of your personal branding, is a really important part of building relationships and

building your brand.


Having a head shot taken may not be high on your list. You may have a selfie or photo taken at an event that's pretty good. Chances are that they are good but a head shot is part of your branding and gives prospective clients and customers, their first impression of you and you want that first impression to be a positive one. Show your personality and leave viewers wanting to know more about you and what your business is about.

Having a head shot done isn't everyone's idea of fun but as someone who totally gets feeling uncomfortable in front of a camera, (I'm much happier on my side!), I can reassure you that I will shoot empathetically and in a way that will put you at ease and get some great shots of you! With years of experience and a few ways to make 'posing' easier and more natural, (no saying cheese I promise), clients are always pleasantly surprised at how much they actually end up enjoying the sessions and how happy they are with their photos.

Head Shot Backdrop Options

Your head shot can be taken with a studio backdrop or within your work environment, both have their attributes but it really comes down to personal choice. I would suggest having a range done so you can choose which you prefer the look of.

It may also be that you want a slightly different look for different social sites.

I can offer studio shoots, location shoots or shoots with a portable studio style backdrop or if you're tight on space or time, I can work some editing magic to give you a virtual studio shoot!

If you work in a shared space, take a look at my coworking head shot package where you can share my time and costs