Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the crowd, it's what makes you unique and interesting. Your personal brand is the experience only you can create for your clients and followers on social media because it's all about you and your personality. This is why professional images are such an important part of your branding strategy.

Personal Branding

It has to be said that the majority of people, don't particularly enjoy having their photo taken, as it throws up insecurities from all over the place and is usually enough to stop them getting professional photos taken, even if it is really important for the promotion of their brand. Now, there are exceptions and that's great but most of us are definitely camera shy.


I totally get this...I much prefer being on 'my side' of the camera! How does that help you?


Well, I understand how you're feeling, I know that it probably isn't going to be easy to contact me to book a shoot but please be reassured that most people feel this way but also trust me when I say that everyone ends up being really pleased

with their photos and really surprised at how much they enjoyed the session

As a professional photographer, I don't just take photos, I create them. I'll speak to you about your brand, about you. I'll get to know a bit about you and what your brand message is, who your ideal client is and from there we can create images that will be relatable to your audience. On top of the brand awareness considerations, I balance the lighting, the focus of the backdrop, colours, possible distractions and framing of each shot. Honestly, you're in safe hands!

So, try to relax about the idea and don't judge it on preconceived ideas you may have or past photos

that may still haunt you, (we all have plenty of those!) 

If you want to chat, drop me an email or call for a chat and remember, that, as someone who knows exactly how you feel, I will be very empathetic, supportive and positive throughout the process and promise that you'll be pleased with the results and that it won't hurt half as much as you think it will!

Drop me a message or give me a call and let's get you some photos to be proud of!