Kent Deaf Children's Society Awards

I was thrilled to be asked to cover the awards ceremony for the KDCS 2016!

KDCS is a small Kent based volunteer lead charity who support deaf children across the county, including those with additional needs.

They provide a growing social network and a calendar of fun activities which allows for mutual support amongst families, something that is extremely important for both the child, their parents and siblings. The charity also provide information on accessing local services whilst ensuring that all children they support are able to communicate well and participate fully within their community.

The Awards were held at Canterbury Lodge, a very impressive events venue within the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral. It made a fabulous setting for a wonderful evening of much deserved celebration!

The evening was arranged by the lovely Louise Henley, Chair of KDCS. Proceedings ran smoothly thanks to the hard work of several dedicated volunteers and was hosted by their Patron, the fabulous Paul Andrews. It was a real team effort and one that paid off beautifully!

The awards are held each year to recognise and celebrate children who have achieved educationally and personally despite the many difficulties they face on a daily basis. The award ceremony itself was very humbling and also very emotional (lots of lip biting from the photographer to prevent stray tears behind the camera!!) as the children in receipt of the awards showed such strength, determination and maturity in their achievements. I really was totally in awe of these wonderful young people!

There were also awards for family members who had gone beyond their expected family role to push for support, raise money or overcome their own daily struggles and there were two awards for healthcare professionals, who, through their work, make a daily difference to the lives of these amazing children and their families.

It was a wonderful evening and one I am very honoured to have been able to give my time to be able to photograph some very special individuals!


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