Why you need a 'Social Stash'

If you're in business, love it or hate it, social media is unavoidable! It's your businesses friendly face, it allows informative but relaxed interaction with potential clients, existing clients and business associates. It's your brand's chance to charm and entice as it makes its way around the internet, gaining likes and shares en route and it's a fact that social media posts with an image get much more interaction than text alone.

If you sell products, your potential customers want to see them from every angle and also in use. If you provide a service, you need to show your equipment, maybe you have a fleet of vehicles that carry your logo. If you have a team, then show them at work and put a face to the name of people taking calls and potentially going out to meet customers to give a friendly, approachable face to your company. If you're a sole trader offering a service, then you need to sell YOU because you are your business, so photos of you at work, in your car, ready for a meeting or even taking some time out, can all be used to update people on how business is going and what you are about. If people feel they know you, they are much more likely to come to you or recommend you.

This seemed a good time to add an image!

So, this is all sounds exciting and like it could be good news for your business but I also appreciate that it takes time and dedication to create an exciting online presence that can charm the birds out of the twitter tree and put smiles on the profile pictures of the Facebook fraternity and finding time to add good quality photos isn't something that small business owners have time for. If you don't have a social media manager, chances are you don't have time to feed your, 'open all hours' social media channels but hang on... it needs exciting photos and content and needs it now because your biggest competitor just posted something really cool!

"I know", I hear you cry, "I'll use some stock photography from an app", (rolls her eyes). Stock photography images can be sniffed out by potential clients from a hundred paces. Your company is individual, it's unique so don't deflect from that with the images that you use to illustrate your brand, you've worked hard at this, you deserve better than that!

The Social Stash, is a collection of your very own, unique images, for you to keep in a cloud based storage so that you can dip into it anytime, anywhere! So, you want to say something about your business, a product or service whilst on the train to a meeting? Easy! Write a post on your chosen social media platform, then access your 'Social Stash' (on your phone, tablet or laptop) and add an image to illustrate your update to make it stand out and get noticed!

So what does a Social Stash shoot involve? Well, thats easy too! I will come to you to do a quick shoot (depending on the size of your business) and get enough relevant images to keep your social media happy for months! I then edit them and send them over digitally, so you can create your stash for you to access day and night!

If you do business form a Co-Working environment, then take a look at my Co-working Reduced Rates Package and Co-working Corporate Portrait Sessions.

If you have a special event, new product or maybe a new member of staff that you would like to present to the world, I can also come to you for a shorter top up session!

So, there you have it! An easy and affordable way to keep your social media posts up to date, relevant and engaging, with just a couple of hours of your time! Visit my Social Stash page for more information.

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