Welsh Super Cup

When you get the chance to indulge two passions, you've got to be on to a winner!

That's what happened when I found myself in Cardiff for The Welsh Super Cup football tournament during the Summer. Teams from Wales, England, even Canada and Africa were taking part and it turned out to be a very hot few days where teams in all age groups, showed some exceptional skill as they battled it out in a faced paced tournament in sports grounds belonging to Cardiff University.

I was covering the photography for Pro Soccer Academy where my middle son is a Goalkeeper. Trust me, taking photos in intense heat and bright conditions, whilst capturing shots from very faced paced matches has got nothing on the stress of being a goalies Mum!! However, I had nothing to worry about as the academy came away with awards at every age group, which was more than impressive!

I've loved football since I can remember, so to be able to mix that with my love of photography is always something I look forward to especially when its for an organisation who produce such high quality performances from their young players. It can be a challenge to follow the match, focus on the right players and be ready for any amazing goals or stunning saves but that's where the love of the game comes in. You instinctively know where to look, stand and move to for the shots you want. It can be quite an intense situation to be in but its always an exhilarating one too.

So here's to the young footballers who did the academy proud, the commitment of the coaches who command and coach such a high standard and to beautiful Wales for giving us a great few days!

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