Soul Man

Now, there are photo shoots and there are PHOTO SHOOTS!!

When I was asked to do a promotional shoot for Matthew, due to the circumstances and short time frame, I didn't get to meet with him before the shoot, so I had no idea who, or what to expect. Little did I know I was about to meet a soul singer with a #1 in the UK Soul Chart!!

Having got set up in the studio at Big Jam Studios in Sittingbourne, Kent which is run by DJ and producer Kevin Thorpe, I awaited Matthews arrival, feeling excited but a little nervous in anticipation. The nerves increased as Matthew walked through the door! He was stylish, confident and very charismatic. Could I do this man justice? Could I capture this personality that had just walked into the studio?

Well, turns out, we totally hit it off! Not only did we chat and laugh through the whole session but I was awe struck when Matthew started singing so I could capture some personality pumped, animated shots. His voice is quite incredible! The tone of his voice, the range of notes and passion put into every word was breathtaking and I found myself completely caught up in the songs as I moved around the studio capturing as much of his presence as I could, in the time we had.

By the end of the shoot my cheeks hurt from laughter, I felt inspired by Matthews journey and enthusiasm for the future and I couldn't wait to get home to start editing.

Matthew's new website is now live and when I got to take a look, I was thrilled at how many of the photos he had chosen to use from our shoot and I was smiling from ear to ear as memories of the shoot came flooding back.

He really is an incredibly talented artists and showman and a surefire crowd-pleaser for any event!

Check him out here at and enjoy!

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