Back in 2019 whilst enjoying a well deserved (obviously), hot chocolate in a coffee shop in Rochester High Street, I picked up a copy of, 'On The Doorstep' magazine. It was an great read, so I got in touch with the owner, Laura and before I knew it, we were collaborating on a social media piece for the January edition. The article, which is just a small piece about using images in social media feeds, goes live tomorrow and I have just received my copy.

It's always exciting to see your articles and photos in print or online and its always great when you have collaborated with another expert in their field to produce something of value to others, especially when that expert is as lovely to work with as Laura!

Collaboration is so important in business. We all need each other's expertise and advice to make a good job of our own area of speciality. We all need support and understanding from others having similar concerns, we all need people to recommend us, people to advise and people to champion us when we do a good job!

So don't ever assume that you have to go it alone in business or indeed that you CAN go it alone in business. There is a vast business community out there, with support for every kind of business person. There are people ready to help you, learn from you, collaborate and share the journey, so take the plunge, contact, network, take the plunge or dip your toe in the water, whatever stage you're at, there is someone who understands and who is willing to help, someone interested in listening and someone who would be a perfect person to collaborate with!

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