The Social Stash


Social media is central to any marketing plan and having fresh, captivating images that are unique to your business, is essential in developing your brand awareness and creating an

engaging and competitive presence.

Whether you run a large company with a marketing team or you are a sole trader, the Social Stash gives you a catalogue of brand unique, social media ready images, which can be used to illustrate your posts across all platforms, with a view to gaining heightened engagement from clients .

 Social Stash Pricing

 Sole Stash - from £150  

A 1 hour shoot ideal for sole traders 

(see reduced rates for co-workers)

Little stash - from £250

Up to 1 hour 30 mins shoot aimed at small businesses 

Big Stash - from £350

Up to 2 hour shoot for bigger companies 

TOP UP's - from £85

Events or news covered quickly and simply

The one package - from £75

A social stash once a month for fast paced businesses

(see reduced rates for co-workers)


Prices include shooting and subsequent editing time plus

the preparation and sending of digital files 

Here's just part of a Social Stash for a hair and beauty salon in Kent, which they have used successfully over Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness and encourage engagement easily and quickly, any time of day!


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