The benefits of running your business form a coworking environment are huge. Shared facilities and overheads, being part of a working community, support and inspiration...the list goes on. One other added benefit is the ability to share resources, which is why my niche, is business photography services tailored to the needs and budgets of coworkers.

You share my time and share the cost. It's a simple idea but the best ones usually are!

Gaining and retaining clients is every businesses main aim and this always starts with strong brand awareness.

You know what you do and how well you do it but do your potential clients?

Head shots - Choose from a natural background, a pop up studio backdrop or a virtual studio backdrop!

Website content - Strong images that show you, your team, your products or your service at its very best!

Social media images - A stash of images in low res, ready to upload quickly from anywhere, so you always have a captivating and brand specific photo to increase engagement on your posts.

Take a look at the Coworking Headshot Sessions to keep costs even lower! Just £30 per person.

Contact me to arrange a chat at your coworking space or to book